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Ecommerce order fulfillment services for DTC brands.

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1. Connect

Connect your store, import your products, then send us your inventory.

2. Store

We store your inventory in any combination of our fulfillment centers.

3. Ship

As soon as a customer places an order, we ship it from the nearest fulfillment center.

How ShipBob serves California

Oftentimes, ecommerce businesses focus entirely on factors like product, website design, or marketing strategy, yet overlook a critical component: ecommerce shipping. Getting products to your customer’s door quickly and at minimal cost is crucial to providing a positive customer experience, but many ecommerce businesses struggle to do it.

One solution is to outsource fulfillment to a 3PL. ShipBob is a 3PL with a California fulfillment center (and many more locations across different regions) to help speed up deliveries and reduce shipping costs while making your fulfillment process more efficient and cost-effective.

We’re uniquely positioned to help California-based ecommerce businesses grow, not just using our California fulfillment center (Moreno Valley) but also utilizing our warehouses on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and in the South.

“Outsourcing both retail and DTC order fulfillment to ShipBob really just gave us the flexibility that we needed to effectively grow our business — not just the DTC segment, but the retail segment also. Honestly, it changed the game for us. So we were just thrilled that ShipBob has come to lead the way in providing fulfillment solutions for small to medium sized businesses like ours.”

Nathan Garrison, Co-Founder and CEO of Sharkbanz

ShipBob lets you distribute your inventory across across any combination of our fulfillment centers based on where your customers live to reduce the distance each package must travel. The upside? Faster deliveries, more affordable rates, and improved customer satisfaction (not to mention saving you a ton of time and effort fulfilling orders).

And those aren’t all the benefits you get when you partner with ShipBob. Read on and see what else we can do for your business.

Hear from ShipBob customers in California

ShipBob helps hundreds of California-based customers including San Francisco-based Ample Foods. As an emerging company, brand recognition and loyalty were key to their business, so they ultimately decided to move to ShipBob. They’ve since increased their 2-day ground shipping coverage by 103% and counting.

“From expanding into a second ShipBob fulfillment center, we are excited to be able to offer 65% of our customers with 2-day shipping, up from 32% by only having a single West Coast facility. Soon, this will be 100%. Not only is this better for our customers but we also gain a 13% savings to our bottom line.”

Pablo Gabatto, Business Operations Manager at Ample Foods

San Diego-based Rainbow OPTX looked into a different California fulfillment center before making the decision to use ShipBob. Here’s why they’re pleased with their choice:

“It was kind of like magic — my orders were imported into ShipBob from my Shopify Plus store and started getting fulfilled right away. I didn’t have to do anything. And since then, we’ve grown 115% and experienced 2.5 times more order volume — all fulfilled by ShipBob.”

Noel Churchill, Owner and CEO of Rainbow OPTX

Competitive gaming, entertainment, and apparel company 100 Thieves, based in Los Angeles, partnered with ShipBob to help their small startup team automate and scale their order fulfillment process. Here’s what they had to say about the partnership:

“When I was looking for a 3PL, we were a startup growing at a rapid pace and felt that ShipBob understood what that meant because they were also in the same stage. We were able to grow beside ShipBob and they scaled with us.”

Jason Ton, CFO of 100 Thieves

New Zealand-born company, The Caker, relocated to Los Angeles to achieve their goal of having a global presence. As the luxury cake mix company moved to California, they also began shipping with ShipBob.

“We were still very new to the US and didn’t know where exactly our customers would be, so we decided to use one fulfillment center on the east coast and one on the west coast. Next, we may go more central but we can follow the data ShipBob provides to make informed decisions on faster, more cost-effective fulfillment.”

Anouk Rondel, Co-owner of The Caker

ShipBob’s California fulfillment services

Here are the basics of how order fulfillment with ShipBob works:

  • Connect your store to ShipBob’s platform (this is a simple process with no developer work necessary).
  • Ship your products to a ShipBob fulfillment center, where we securely store them.
  • Every time an order is placed on your store, ShipBob is notified.
  • The fulfillment that’s closest to your end customers will pick, pack, and ship the order.
  • Ecommerce order tracking is sent to the customer.

ShipBob’s California fulfillment services don’t stop there, though. Fulfillment touches on many different areas of your business and we’ve got it all covered, from inventory and order management technology to insightful distribution metrics.

Order and inventory management software

Keeping track of your inventory levels and monitoring daily orders  in real-time are both critical parts of ensuring fulfillment runs smoothly. That’s why ShipBob has built proprietary order and inventory management software that gives you complete control and oversight of the fulfillment process, from warehousing to pick/pack/ship.

Free packing supplies

We make sure that our brand never takes center stage in the unboxing experience. You can use our standard plain boxes, poly mailers, and packing supplies that are included free of charge, or design your own custom-branded packaging. Either way, our logo won’t be what your customers see or remember.

Data and analytics

ShipBob’s advanced reporting and analytics help you streamline fulfillment, optimize your supply chain to be more efficient, improve demand forecasting and planning, and ensure you always have enough product on hand at the right time. With all of your order and inventory data in one centralized place, you will uncover new insights to transform your business.

Why is ShipBob the best choice for my California ecommerce business?

ShipBob has a proven track record of following through on our promises, and we’ve helped thousands of businesses drive more revenue and speed up growth. Here’s how:

Convert sales at a higher rate

Shipping costs that are too high (or deliveries that take too long) prevent customers from purchasing or coming back. When you optimize your shipping with ShipBob, your customers will take notice, and more sales will follow.

That’s what happened for ShipBob client MyCalmBlanket, a weighted blanket company. They started offering 2-Day Express Shipping and saw an 18% reduction in cart abandonment.

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Ship anywhere in the US (or the world)

ShipBob’s network of fulfillment centers allows you to expand your shipping reach to all corners of the US and across the country.

The Adventure Challenge chose ShipBob for not just local California fulfillment services but to expand all over the world. Today, they’re using ShipBob’s fulfillment centers in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, and the EU.

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Offer two-day shipping to all your customers

Multiple fulfillment centers not only expands your reach but lets you offer faster shipping options. CBD Company Nature’s Ultra started using 3 fulfillment centers after partnering with ShipBob, and they now offer 2-day shipping to 100% of their customers.

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Integrations: ShipBob syncs seamlessly with your stack

ShipBob’s partner ecosystem is a who’s who of ecommerce solutions covering all areas of the business: packaging and branding, shipping solutions, tax tools, and more.

Ecommerce platforms:

Shipping carriers and partners:

Packaging solutions:

When should I outsource fulfillment to a 3PL?

There are a number of situations in which ecommerce businesses can benefit from hiring a fulfillment company.

If your warehouse is overloaded, then a 3PL can provide added storage space. Inaccurate inventory counts are a common problem for ecommerce businesses, and 3PLs like ShipBob have software that enables more accurate and efficient inventory tracking.

A 3PL with multiple fulfillment centers can also help you cut shipping rates and delivery times. This is especially true if you are only using a single California fulfillment center but have customers across the US.
Oftentimes, ecommerce businesses outsource to a 3PL when order volume has grown fast and in-house ecommerce fulfillment is too much of a burden. A 3PL can save your team time and help you refocus on other priorities.

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