In-house fulfilment that scales with you.

Are you hacking in-house fulfilment? You might be stitching together multiple systems and platforms to keep operations in house, but it’s hard to efficiently scale both your business and manage fulfilment operations. Until now. 

Merchant Plus is ShipBob’s full-stack fulfilment and warehouse management solution for in-house fulfilment. It gives you ShipBob’s warehouse management software for superior control over in-house operations and allows you to leverage our robust network of warehouses, carriers, brands, and fulfilment experts.

Connect with our team to learn how ShipBob can help you manage in-house fulfilment.

Speak to A Fulfilment Expert

Tyler DeVos

Co-Founder of Muddy Bites

I’m still shocked that we get to use ShipBob’s software that they use for their global network across who knows how many locations within our own facility. It’s like a cheat code.

Whether you’re fulfilling 50 orders a day or 10,000, you can power your own warehouse operations with the same technology used to manage inventory and fulfil orders for over 7,000 brands at ShipBob’s warehouses around the globe.

Merchant Plus is an all-in-one WMS, OMS, IMS, and reporting platform that lets you centralise real-time inventory, shipments, and analytics across all online and offline sales channels. One technology suite to power your warehouse, manage orders, inventory, returns, and more.

Omnichannel connectivity

Connect all of your sales channels to Merchant Plus. 

ShipBob’s turnkey integrations with all major ecommerce platforms and marketplaces – including Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, and Walmart – let you import orders and send data back and forth for a two-way flow of information.

Leverage ShipBob’s automated B2B technology in your own warehouse to fulfill wholesale, retail distribution, and retail dropshipping orders for everything from simple brick-and-mortar shipments to robust EDI capabilities.

Join a global network with flexible capacity

Not only can you power your in-house operations, Merchant Plus also allows you to leverage ShipBob’s global fulfilment network – including dozens of warehouses across the UK, Europe, United States, Australia, and Canada.

Want to quickly and cost-effectively reach new customers around the globe without opening another warehouse? Use ShipBob’s global warehouse locations to jumpstart your launch in new international markets.

Need a safety net on demand to handle peak volume? Leverage ShipBob sites to split inventory when you need additional capacity.

Have excess capacity in your own warehouse? Connect with our team to learn how you can become a part of ShipBob’s fulfilment network and optimise your facility for success.

Hands-on, informative onboarding

Our expert team accomplishes in days or weeks what takes other providers months, and we’ll create a custom onboarding plan based on your unique needs.

  • Meet with ShipBob’s team for robust implementation with zero downtime.
  • Get fast support from ShipBob’s world-class support team.
  • Strategise with ShipBob’s experts to improve warehouse efficiency, expand globally, automate B2B, and more.
Before ShipBob, we didn’t have everything centrally located. Now, from inventory to orders, we can track it all. Our previous solution was buggy and slowed operations for us. Now everything’s a click of a button with ShipBob.

Tyler DeVos,

Co-founder at Muddy Bites

Using ShipBob’s warehouse management system and merchant application was a no-brainer. The thought of having to Frankenstein many tools and APIs together, plus the costs and uncertainty in performance, was a non-starter for other options.

Courtney Lee,

Founder & CEO at Prymal

Prior to ShipBob, we’d ship 300 orders/day. One of the first nights, we shipped 700 orders in the same timeframe. 

Rick Corbridge,

COO at Infuze Hydration