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Pachama is a technology company on a mission to restore nature to solve climate change. Pachama uses the latest satellite data and AI technology to help validate and monitor quality forest carbon projects. By integrating with ShipBob, Pachama helps you easily offset your shipping and fund high-impact forest conservation and restoration projects worldwide.

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Easily offset shipping Automatically pull your shipping information and calculate associate emissions.


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Track your offsets. Track your monthly carbon credit offsets and watch your impact grow over time.


Trusted carbon credits Pachama assesses every project on our platform to ensure they follow critical UN standards.

Our business is built on sustainability and we aim to provide our customers with carbon neutral products from our natural sources to their front door. That is why we work with ShipBob to offset carbon emissions from our ecommerce supply chain.

Fannar Jónsson,

Quality and Environment Manager at Blue Lagoon

With ShipBob, we have pre-selected carbon projects to make it easy.

  • Easily offset shipping
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  • Track your offsets
  • Trusted carbon credits

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Our goal was simple: offset carbon emissions. In our search for the right partner, ShipBob was proactive in presenting Pachama, who met all of our criteria in terms of automation, transparency and integrity. We can now share accurate data with our customers regarding the success of our reforestation initiatives, thanks to ShipBob and Pachama.

Michael Klein,

Co-Founder at Herbaly

Why does Pachama focus on forests?

Forests are critical ecosystems and incredible carbon sinks. They are nature’s technology to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Trees are the most scalable and efficient way to remove carbon today. Forests are so important that every single international climate plan includes dramatic measures to protect and restore forests. Beyond that, forests are also hotbeds of biodiversity, providing a home to the majority of animals and plant species on the planet. They’re important to regulating heat and clean water. Forests are a source of livelihood and home to many communities around the world.

What is a carbon credit?

A carbon credit is a financing tool to support projects reducing greenhouse gas emissions or recapturing carbon from the atmosphere. A single carbon credit is equal to one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent gases. Carbon credits were formalized by the United Nations Kyoto Protocol. That UN body also developed the key principles and rules guiding verified credits today. In the past, there have been a range of activities that could issue carbon credits. Many experts believe that carbon markets previously were flooded with unverified credits that did not represent real carbon reduction. Our team at Pachama wants to change that. We work only with projects that have third-party verification and pass our own standards.

What is the difference between reforestation and avoided deforestation projects?

Reforestation projects grow trees, capturing carbon from the atmosphere as they grow. Avoided deforestation projects conserve and protect forests in danger of being cut down. They earn carbon credits by avoiding the emissions associated with this clear-cutting. Pachama also has a third type of forest project called an Improved Forest Management project. Improved forest management projects promote sustainable harvesting. They improve upon exploitative harvest practices, reducing the amount of clear-cutting.

How many trees are planted by these carbon-offset projects?

Our reforestation projects will plant trees. But conservation or improved management projects usually are not planting trees. Several of our projects allow for natural reforestation, where the forest recovers on its own over time from degradation. If you want to support tree planting efforts, look for reforestation projects on our platform. We also measure carbon, not trees! After planting, oftentimes seedlings will die. But a carbon verification process ensures you are supporting projects where trees are not just planted, but grow and thrive.

What is the difference between a project and a Pachama portfolio?

Each project on our platform represents an individual forest effort around the world. We have portfolios of two to five pre-grouped projects that you can buy easily online with a credit card. We created these portfolios to enable easy diversification. When you buy credits from several different projects, or “diversify” your carbon offsetting, it reduces your risk of natural disasters like forest fire. When you buy credits from this portfolio, we retire across a mixture of the projects listed on your behalf. If you only buy one credit, we will retire one credit from one of the projects listed within the portfolio for you. Reach out to our team if you are interested in supporting an individual, specific project.

How much does a carbon credit cost?

Today, prices range anywhere from around $4 per tonne to $30 per tonne based on location and type of project. You’ll notice on our site that prices range for various projects. Today, this is because of differences in the prices charged by our project developers. Pachama does not change the price although we do charge a service fee per credit. In general, projects in politically riskier parts of the world where illicit deforestation is still rampant often have lower carbon credit prices. However, these projects often need the most support. The market today does not always reward the highest quality credits with the best price, so we’re working to change this.

What type of verification does Pachama do?

Pachama uses our remote sensing and machine learning technology to perform a secondary evaluation of all projects on our platform. During this process, we look for some of the key elements for a quality forest project including additionality, justification, permanence risk, and verifiable carbon levels. You can read more about our process and what we look forhere.

Are your projects certified by a third party?

All of the projects on our platform today are certified by a top third-party standard group including Verra, American Carbon Registry, Carbon Action Reserve, and Gold Standard.

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