Automate BackerKit crowdfunded order fulfillment with ShipBob

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ShipBob helps crowdfunders fulfill backer rewards easily and affordably through a direct integration with BackerKit. BackerKit’s backer survey and data management platform connects seamlessly with ShipBob’s order fulfillment software for a best-in-class crowdfunding backer experience.

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Simple integration

Connect BackerKit to ShipBob’s software in minutes, then import backer information and reward details in just a few clicks.

Faster reward shipping

ShipBob offers fast, affordable shipping for crowdfunding campaign rewards. Once your rewards are shipped out, you can track the entire process in real-time from the ShipBob dashboard.

Fulfillment network

Based on your backers’ locations, split inventory across any of ShipBob’s fulfillment centers to enable faster, less expensive delivery.

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