2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Over 60 DTC Brands


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Not all of these brands are affiliated with ShipBob, but they are all at the top of our wishlists for trending DTC brands that our team is giving as gifts this year. 

With more people shopping online than ever before, the holiday shopping season is already starting — which means you won’t have to wait until Black Friday and Cyber Monday to snag some amazing deals. If you’re the type to procrastinate on the gift shopping, no need to panic! We put together a list of unique gift ideas to help you start shopping sooner than later. 

At ShipBob, we’re passionate about supporting independent ecommerce businesses. Whether you’re looking for a fun stocking stuffer or a show-stopping holiday gift, here are more than 40 gift ideas (ranging from USD $15 to $450) sold by direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands recommended by our team.

For the fitness fanatic in your life

Juspy – Juspy Power Blend (€33.95)

Juspy is a collagen protein blend that is GMO, gluten, soy, and dairy free, and nourishes your body from the inside out. Juspy Power Blend does not include any refined sugar, but cacao infuses the blend with a natural chocolatey flavor — a perfectly sweet pick-me-up, coffee substitute, or even mini meal for that person in your life that’s always on the go.

Your Super – Super Foods and Plant Protein Mixes ($34.90 – $289.99)

Your Super’s mission is to improve people’s health by unlocking the power of superplants. They offer 7 different mixes, each one specific to a health benefit, which can be purchased separately or bundled together to holistically approach detoxing, hormonal health, or immunity.

FLEO – signature shorts ($40.95 – $44.95)


Fleo Shorts creates strength training apparel for CrossFitters, weightlifters, powerlifters, runners, and other fierce women. Designed in-house and manufactured in the US, their shorts come in nearly every print imaginable and make a great gift for the athletes in your life.

TB12 Sports – Home Gym Kit ($460)

Designed for athletes and founded by American football icon Tom Brady, the TB12 Method is Tom Brady’s holistic approach to wellness and athletic performance. Whether you’re shopping for a Brady fan or a fitness fanatic, TB12’s gear, apparel, and supplements offer something for athletes of every level.

We recommend the TB12 Home Gym Kit, curated by a team of body coaches and provides everything you need to have a great full-body workout from home. Free shipping for US orders over $75. 

Synchro – Keto-friendly product line ($24.99 – $299.00)


Synchro is a plant-based nutrition and wellness brand that offers gluten-free, non-GMO products. Their keto-friendly foods make it easy to stick with a low-carb diet with a chocolate and fudge-flavored on-the-go snack, as well as powder blends.

They also offer a 21-day Keto Cleanse program, which includes meal plans, weekly videos, step-by-step guides, and recipe boxes. 

Endurosport – Pre-Action Premium Supplement Powder ($95)

Endurosport offers caffeine-free, sugar-free, NSF certified daily supplements formulated with high-quality ingredients. Their Pre-Action Premium Supplement Powder has been tested and proven to help increase energy levels, sharpen mental focus, boost strength and endurance, reduce fatigue, and decrease recovery time.

Bloom Nutrition – Bundle Essentials ($74.99)

Bloom Nutrition is a health brand that offers a wide range of different supplements, from protein powders to multi-vitamins. Bloom believes that health starts on the inside. That’s why they create the Bundle Essentials, which includes a multi-vitamin (packed with 19+ vitamins and minerals), fish oil (made of wild caught, high-quality ingredients), and a hair, skin, and nails supplement. 

Zbiotics – Enhanced Probiotic Drink ($36 – $108)

Whether it’s mulled wine, wassail, hot buttered rum, or spiked eggnog, ZBiotics will help you and your loved ones indulge responsibly this season. The probiotic breaks down the unwanted alcohol byproduct acetaldehyde – the primary culprit behind rough mornings after drinking — so that the drinker feels refreshed and ready to take on the day (with a good night’s sleep and water, of course).

All natural, eco-friendly, and organic gifts

Ecommerce has opened the doors to so many eco-friendly, natural, and organic brands. Here are some of our favorite products that help protect the environment and keep us healthy.

Organic Olivia – edible oil “juice” blends ($26.95)


Organic Olivia is a female-founded health and beauty brand that offers therapeutic oils “juices” designed for skin, digestion, stress, anxiety, and more. Organic Olivia products are natural remedies that help prevent diseases and helps improve the overall quality of life.

Boie USA – the best bundle ($25)

boie - economical toothbrush - holiday gift guide

This isn’t your typical toothbrush. Instead of the same old flimsy abrasive nylon bristles, Boie USA has designed an economical toothbrush made with super soft, BPA free thermoplastic, available in a variety of colors. It provides a gentler brush and lasts longer than nylon-made toothbrushes. Once it’s time to replace, you’ll only have to purchase a replacement head for $5. Free shipping for US orders over $25.

Ocean & Co – sea turtle tracking bracelets ($14.99, 4 different colors)

Ocean & Co. and ShipBob

Ocean & Co sells high-quality jewelry and eco-friendly accessories with a mission to raise awareness of the impact that pollution has on our oceans. Their sea turtle tracking bracelets make for a unique gift for any animal or ocean-lover on your list. Each bracelet comes with a GPS monitoring that tracks a real-life sea turtle. Once you purchase, tracking access is emailed to you. 

Papaya Reusables – holiday gift bundles ($23 – $48)

Papaya offers beautifully designed reusable, eco-friendly products designed by talented artists: Jessica Walsh, Ramzy Masri, Abbey Lossing, and Laci Jordan. To make the gift-giving easy, they offer several different holiday gift bundles. Choose between a water bottle, reusable paper towels , or bags in different designs and patterns, along with a holiday greeting card included in each bundle. 

Looking for the perfect personal care gift? The following wellness brands are making a splash in the ecommerce industry with unique products you can’t find anywhere else.

BAKblade – shave sets ($44.95 – $79.95)

Give this gift with caution (and a sense of humor). Part novelty, part utility, BAKBlade is the world’s best DIY back and body shaver. Simple to use and clean, BAKBlade has been featured on Business Insider, on the Today show, and in the Chicago Tribune — just to name a few. They also offer free 2-day shipping on all orders over $49.

It’s a 10 hair products ($18.99 – $59.99)

its a 10 holiday gift

It’s a 10 haircare is one of the best hair product brands on the market. Known for their popular leave-in treatment, it’s a 10 brings salon-level quality treatment, which supports healthy hair in between hair appointments. They also offer an array of men’s products.

Dossier – affordable, luxury scents ($29)

dossier - holiday stocking stuffers

Dossier is a great alternative to the more pricey perfumes on the market. They offer a variety of luxury scents at a fair price. But don’t let the low price fool you; these scents are sourced from the highest quality ingredients from Europe. Dossier is already running early Black Friday deals, so be sure to watch for them. 

Honey Jarret – Dewy Skin on the Go Duo foundation ($39.00, 4 shades available)

Honey Jarret is an international beauty brand that offers high-quality products at a reasonable price. The brand focuses on creating products that emphasize healthy skin by only using the best ingredients. Their Dewy Skin on the Go Duo foundation provides amazing coverage and helps to make skin feel soft and hydrated, while covering redness and dark circles.

Asarai – Grab and Glow Set ($70)

Asarai is a nature-friendly personal care brand that offers cleansers, face masks, moisturizers, serums, and oils. The Grab and Glow is made to detox and brighten your skin to create a radiant glow. This product is also meant to help protect your skin from sun damage and free radicals.

Megababe – collection sets ($15 – $38)

Megababe is a popular personal care brand made specifically make you feel super clean and comfy. Their vegan body care products range from anti-sweat powders to underarm masks. For easy gift-giving, they offer three different bundles, such as the ‘Ditch and Switch,’ which includes an aluminum-free deodorant, an underarm mask, and a body scrub. Megababe offers free US shipping for orders over $35 and free returns. 

Shedavi – The Everything Bundle ($189)

Shedavi is black-owned beauty brand built on the concept to cherish oneself. These all-natural, ethically sustainable vitamins, hair masks, revitalizing mists, shampoos, and conditioners are focused on the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Founder Elizabeth Davis researched, learned, and implemented natural long hair care techniques. The ‘Everything Bundle’ really includes everything, from hair vitamins to leave-in conditioner.

Fashion finds for both men and women

Looking for the perfect gift for the most fashion-forward person in your life? Whether it’s your best friend, a significant other, or a family member, the following gifts are some of the most unique fashion finds that are sure to make an impression.

Ombraz – armless sunglasses classic collection ($125 – $140)

ombraz - international shipping

Ombraz Armless Sunglasses is taking the anxiety out of owning a quality pair of sunglasses by making them both comfortable and unbreakable. Its patent-pending, armless design comes with frames that are attached directly to an adjustable, elegant cord that secures the glasses comfortably to your face. For every pair of Ombraz purchased, 20 mangrove trees are planted in impoverished areas in Madagascar. Ombraz offers free shipping and returns.

Brummell – men’s socks ($7)


These aren’t your stereotypical gift socks. Founded bySteve Staffan, Brummell offers a quarterly sock subscription service for men who value their time and convenience, understand that loud socks don’t always add personality, and love the feeling of new socks. Best of all? They’re not crazy expensive like other classy-yet-practical socks.

Rainbow Optx – sunglasses ($29 – $59)


Rainbow Optx’s range of colorful sunglasses feature colored lenses to boost moods and brighten perspectives. Every color is associated with a mantra, chakra, element, and focus, making these glasses a truly personal gift. They offer free shipping for US orders over $75.

Best holiday gifts for kids

The emergence of niche products are one of the most exciting parts of ecommerce, and products geared towards a younger crowd are no exception. Here are some great gift ideas for your kids, nieces, nephews, and the other children in your life.

Dream Cast Project – Kids Journal with Writing Prompts & Conversation Starters ($55)

This journal is designed to help kids aged 6-10 develop a growth-oriented mindset, and to actively think about their strengths, feelings, hopes, and dreams. Each journal contains 10 modules, with every day’s journal section including with a motivational quote, open ended question, and “let’s play pretend” and future planning exercises. This particular package also comes with a card deck with interactive conversation starters to foster communication with your child.

Twogether Studios – Action Pups! card game ($17)

Twogether Studios curates board games and card games for creative storytellers that the whole family can enjoy. In these game, you’ll take turns combining cards and embellishing details to spin up the secret life story of a dog before letting the judge decide which one is best.

Tonies – Toniebox Playtime Starter Set ($99)

Tonieboxes take children on audio adventures, away from the screen and into their imaginations. Every Tonie figurine placed on top of the Tonie box opens up a new set of stories for little ones to listen to that will keep them occupied on long car rides, work-from-home afternoons, or a night in. The Tonie library includes familiar characters from children’s favorite shows, books, and movies — and with hours of content, it’s a gift for parents as much as their kids.

iloveplum – tutu dresses ($55 – $72)

As seen on the daughters of Chrissy Teigen, Serena Williams, Khloe Kardashian, and Tia Mowry, iloveplum is where high fashion meets tutus. With tutu dresses in every color and for any occasion. They also sell jackets, jewelry, and other glamorous gifts for the girls on your list. Be sure to check out their Holiday 2020 collection, and if you buy any O.M.G. tutu dress, you get a mini glitter crown free. Free shipping on all orders over $60.

Little Renegades – Mindful Kids Holiday Collection ($44)

Little Renegades is a mindfulness brand specifically designed for children, and meant to help them develop self-reflection skills, stillness, and emotional peace. This gift set contains a yoga mat, activity cards with mindfulness exercises, 3 different journals (for outdoor exploration, creativity, and gratitude, respectively), colored pencils, and more.

Healthy Roots Dolls – Zoe doll ($79.99, presale)

Health Roots Dolls is a toy company that creates more than just dolls and storybooks — they empower young girls and represent the beauty of diversity. The Zoe doll was created by founder Yelitsa Jean-Charles who never had a doll that looked like her growing up. Zoe is a black doll with wavy hair that provides an educational play experience for curl care, allowing you to style her hair in a number of ways. 

For the adventurous, always on the move

We all know someone who loves going on adventures and being outdoors. Below are some unique gifts to give to those who are always climbing a mountain or traveling around the world. 

Kula Cloth – pee cloth ($20 – $22)

kula cloth holiday gift guide

Yes, you read that right. Kula Cloth is a reusable, intentionally designed antimicrobial pee cloth product that eliminates toilet paper waste in the wilderness. It’s great for backpackers, hikers, and anyone who loves spending most of their time outdoors.

The Kula Cloth comes in a variety of designs and easily clips on to any type of backpack.

Ample – natural meal replacement shake ($71.40 per case)

ample meal - holiday gift guide

Ample meal is the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel, but also wants to keep up with a healthy diet. Ample combines the latest nutrition science with wholesome, real-food ingredients for a great-tasting complete meal replacement.

Their products are made with a combination of meticulously-sourced natural, grass-fed, and organic ingredients. You can also give the gift of a meal replacement monthly subscription and save 15%.

The Adventure Challenge – adventure box collections ($14.99 – $207.99)

adventure challenge - holiday gift guide

The Adventure Challenge is a great gift for family members, best friends, or couples! It’s a mystery scratch-off book that includes 50 creative adventures. The book makes it easy to explore new things to do together, build a stronger relationship, and make memorable and meaningful memories.

The new Advent(ure) Calendar lets you countdown to Christmas through 12 holiday activities for everyone to enjoy. As a bonus, after you complete all the challenges, you’ll have a festive scrapbook of memories from this season.

Gifts that offers comfort and warmth 

Whether you’re looking to send a gift of comfort or to help someone stay warm during the cold season, the following gifts are sure to make this holiday full of warmth. Their also great for the homebody in your life. 

Shakti – Acupressure mat ($69)

Ever been curious about acupressure? Shakti mats are designed to offer users an acupressure experience from home. Handmade by local craftspeople in India, these mats prickle the skin on your neck, shoulders, and back before melting away to muscle relaxation and mental recharge.

My Calm Blanket – weighted blankets, up to 11.3 kg ($119.99 – $139.99)

my calm blanket - holiday gift guide

Blankets are a warm winter gift, but My Calm Blanket takes it to the next level with ultra-plush weighted blankets proven to aid with anxiety and stress.

My Calm Blankets come in weighted increments of 15, 20, and 25 pounds, and ship for free anywhere in the US, making them a cozy gift for anyone on your list.

Bathorium – bath and body gift sets ($32 – $109)

bathorium - holiday gift guide

On a mission to #BringBacktheBath, Bathorium offers premium bath products you can’t find anywhere else. All their products are 100% ethically sourced and stick with a motto, “when in doubt, formulate without.” So go ahead, buy everything!

They offer a few fun bath and body gift sets, including a rejuvenation set that comes in a matte finish luxe gift box for only $32. 

Brooklyn Candle Studio – holiday collection (prices vary)

As seen in Vogue, Refinery 29, and Glamour, Brooklyn Candle Studies offers a wide range of beautiful candles with captivating scents and beautiful minimalist design. Their candles are made of 100% soy wax derived from American-grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, clean burn and lead-free cotton wicks. All candles are petroleum-free, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and 100% vegan. Currently offering free shipping for all US orders over $50.

Doris Sleep – classic bed pillow ($69, 20% off for set)

doris sleep holiday guide

Have a busy go-getter in your life? Help them get better rest this holiday season. The Doris Sleep pillow is eco-friendly, machine-washable, and hypoallergenic. Each Doris pillow recycles 14 plastic water bottles from landfills. The classic pillow is free of chemicals, stays cool throughout the night, and is super soft.

SubSubmarine – Hawaii94 Visualise ($22.00)

Give the gift of music this year. SubSubmarine is an independent, Australian-based music label with artists that each offer a unique alternative sound with elements of electronica, psych, and pop.

range of alternative sounds with elements of electronica, psych, and pop. Check out their playlist on Spotify to find your favorite artist on the label, then be sure to purchase a cassette or vinyl for you and a friend. We highly recommend Hawaii94’s album Visualise.

Silvon – sheet set ($180)

Silvon sheets are pure luxury and great for skin health. These sheets are designed to naturally eliminate acne-causing bacteria and keep skin from flaring up. The sheet set includes 1 flat, 1 fitted, and 2 pillowcase and comes in four different colors: white, silver, sky, and sand. 

For your favorite cook

Now that more people are staying home, many are making home-cooked meals together, or even learning how to cook. To make cooking at home extra special, check out some of these amazing gifts made for food lovers.

Barstool Chicago X JP Graziano – Beef Kit Gift Box ($13)

For Chicagoans longing for a bite that reminds them of home, this Italian beef sub kit will do the trick. A collaborative effort from the Barstool Store and chef J.P. Graziano, this gift box contains a bottle of Graziano’s special giardiniera (a spicy condiment of oil and vegetables) and Italian beef seasoning.

The Caker – luxury cake kits ($25)

The Caker levels up your baking hobby through elegant and unique make-at-home cake kits. With unconventional flavors like Flourless Dark Chocolate, Lemon Strawberry Poppy Seed, and Matcha Cherry, these kits produce one-of-a-kind, decadent confections you’d be proud to bring to any holiday party. Creator Jordan Rondel uses top-quality ingredients that render the cakes moist and rich, with some kits even being gluten free and vegan, meaning that there’s something truly delicious for everyone.

Chamberlin Coffee – Cold Brew Starter Kit ($25)

Created by Youtuber Emma Chamberlin, Chamberlin Coffee carries 8 unique, sustainably sourced and packaged blends. Each brew (playfully named after animals such as Early Bird, Social Dog, and Night Owl) comes in single serve pouches, full bags, and in bundles with drinkware and other accessories. The Cold Brew Starter pack includes a mason jar, straw, and 10 packs of a coffee flavor of choice.

Mike’s Hot Honey – 12 oz squeeze bottle ($43)

mikes hot honey - holiday gift guide

Mike’s Hot Honey is the perfect stocking stuffer for the cook or chef in your life. It’s honey infused with chili peppers to bring the perfect combination of sweetness and heat. It can be used on practically anything from a cup of hot tea to even ribs!

Check out Mike’s Hot Honey BBQ Ribs recipe here. We won’t judge if you buy yourself a bottle too.

Pot D’Huile – CBD-infused oils and hot sauces ($24 – $72)

Pot D’Huile offers aCBD-only line of premium products made in collaboration with many of the co-founders’ chef friends, who were inspired to make their own creations with the CBD-infused olive oil.

Their CBD hot sauce gained popularity due in part to the collaborators behind it including chef Mike Bagale, previous Executive Chef at 3 Michelin star restaurant Alinea and founder of culinary consulting firm Super Food Concepts, and Kat Odell, a food journalist and entrepreneur. 

The Cooking Guild – master kiritsuke ($89.95)

The Cooking Guild offers a unique collection of hand-forged, custom products made by blacksmiths with over 20 years of experience. The Master Kiritsuke is their latest addition to their best-selling master series. In Japan, the iconic blade shape is an all-rounder is traditionally only used by the executive chef.

Cornet Barcelona – ‘Sagrada’ wine glasses ($68 for a set of 2)


Whether empty or full, these sophisticated, hand painted wine glasses are beautiful and are sure to make a statement. Every glass is painted by hand, which means no two are exactly the same, making it the ideal gift for the wine lover or anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Garden Republic – Indoor garden pepper seed starter kit ($28.97)

Winter might be approaching, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move your garden indoors. Garden Republic makes it easy too with seed sets, starter kits, and gardening supplies. We recommend the pepper seed starter kit, which is perfect for spicy chili on a cold night. The kits make for a great gift too, and you can find holiday gift ideas by visiting their 2020 holiday gift guide.

Stocking stuffers to get now (before they sell out)

Touchland – hand sanitizing power mists ($9)

It’s never been more important to stay healthy, especially during holiday travel season. With Touchand’s sleek Power Mists, you can sanitize your hands without drying out or stinging your hands. Their mists come in several delicate and refreshing scents, and fit in your pocket for easy access anywhere. Get one on its own, or buy a bundle of 5 or 10 at a discount to spread the joy (instead of the germs).

Gear Infusion – EverRatchet Ratcheting keychain multitool ($27.99)


Perfect for the handyman (or handywoman!) in your life, Gear Infusion’s Indiegogo-backed, best-sellingEverRatchet is a multitool with a 1/4″ ratchet, fire flint, pry bar, 7 wrenches, a bottle and box opener, scraper, and more — all on a handy keychain.

JavaSok – The original iced coffee sleeve ($9.95)

javasok - holiday gift guide

We all know that person who drinks iced coffee all year around. The JavaSok is the perfect gift for the iced coffee lover. It stops condensation, keeps your hand warm, and keeps your drink colder for longer. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, the JavaSok is designed to fit Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, and McDonald’s cups.

Cha Cha Matcha – matcha iced coffee sampler pack (8 pack; $29)

cha cha match - holiday gift guide

Cha Cha Matcha is a fun-loving brand that offers canned matcha iced teas in four delicious matcha flavors: regular, ginger turmeric, half matcha/half lemonade, and activated charcoal. Matcha is a superfood that’s packed with antioxidants, amino acids, and l-theanine.

It’s known to provide more energy without the crash from coffee. With the sampler pack, you get 8 cans to give out to everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Prymal – healthy creamer sampler pack ($22)

Prymal is a health food brand that offers a one-of-a-kind sugar-free, non-dairy creamer made with ingredients like monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol. Prymal creamers don’t compromise taste with guilt-free flavors like french vanilla, salted caramel, cacao mocha, and butter pecan. Their variety sampler pack makes for a great last-minute stocking stuffer for everyone on your list.

Games, crafts, and hobbies

Tired of your loved ones being glued to screens? Try introducing them to a new game, crafting together, or returning to an old hobby with them. Below, you’ll find a few gifts to get your friends and family off their devices and into something creative.

Craft Club Co. – Cross stitching kit ($89)

Cross stitching isn’t just for grandmas any more — with Craft Club Co.’s whimsical and modern designs, crafters of any age and experience level can create a cross-stitch piece that fits their decor. The kits include everything you’ll need to complete the project, including thread, a needle, an embroidery hoop, ribbon and detailed instructions, making it the perfect hobby for beginners. Craft Club Co. also sells rug making kits of a similar ilk that serve as statement pieces in any room.

SuperSpeed Golf – training club set ($199.99)

SuperSpeed Golf’s training system and equipment is a great addition to any golfer’s repertoire. The men’s set of training weights, when coupled with their free online video instruction series, can add up to 30 yards to a drive and increase the speed and power of a person’s swing by 5-8% in about 4-6 weeks.

Sculpd – pottery kits (£39)

Sculpd’s pottery kits make pottery accessible to just about everyone. Each kit contains clay, tools, paint, varnish, and instructions for making basic pots and bowls, which you can elaborate on and mold to your imagination. Sculpd also offers seasonal and project-specific kits, so you can tailor the gift to your crafter’s interests.

DoodleDazzles – shimmer marker set ($17.95)

The DoodleDazzles Shimmer Marker Set is a delightful throwback to the color and pop of the 80’s. These special markers write in silver while outlining themselves in the color shown, making for spectacular doodles that your child — or your inner child — will love.

Work from home favorites

Remote work is on the rise, so a WFH accessory makes for a thoughtful and practical gift. Here are a few ideas for those loved ones who work on the go, from home, or anywhere but the office.

Skyroam – Solis Lite portable hotspot ($139.99)

Skyroam’s Solis Lite portable hotspot allows fully-remote workers to access Solis’ mobile data network anywhere, whether it’s from a local coffee shop, a beach, or a family holiday. Solis’ flexible data plans, small size, and 16-hour battery enable traveling with wifi coverage at your fingertips. 

Sleekform – kneeling ergonomic chair ($185)

Sleekform’s ergonomic chair reduces back pain from hunching over a desk, and might just save your loved ones a trip to the chiropractor. Because the seat is tilted at 120 degrees (rather than the usual 90), the Austin Kneeling Chain effortlessly promotes better posture and takes pressure off of your lower back, keeping a person alert and productive throughout the day.

SunShader – laptop shade ($49)

SunShader lets people work outside without draining their computer’s battery to keep the screen bright. The shade attaches to laptop screens using clips, protects computers from sun and heat, and protects a person’s privacy from passers-by.

MessyWeekend – blue light glasses ($105)

MessyWeekend’s Lennon Bluelight glasses are designed to decrease eye strain and headaches by filtering the blue light that emits from devices. Not only are these glasses lightweight and stylish for just about anyone, MessyWeekend will also donate to clean 100 plastic straws out of our oceans for every pair sold.


The holidays are for family — and that includes pets! They bring you joy all year long, so when gift-giving season comes around, treat your furry friend to something special with these recommendations.

Spoil the dogs in your life to a festive cookie box this season. Every box contains an assortment of delicious and adorably decorated cookies made with quality ingredients. In case your pup can’t finish them all, every cookie is individually packaged and will stay fresh for up to 15 months. Wufers creates holiday-themed boxes each season, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah packages.

Barkmute – vibration collar for bark training ($39.99)

Give yourself the gift of a quiet house this year. BarkMute’s collar uses classical conditioning with vibration to quickly and painlessly reduce barking. With no shocks and 7 sensitivity levels, BarkMute works for the majority of sizes without hurting your dog.

Holiday shipping deadlines are coming up

With more people shopping for holiday gifts online than ever before, now is the time to start shopping to ensure orders are delivered on time. But that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals — DTC brands are already offering great deals and promotions for all your gift-giving shopping needs. And the best part? Many of the brands above offer free shipping over a certain spend and/or offer 2-day shipping.

Happy holidays!

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