Amazon Calculator for FBA: Revenue, Costs, & Profit

Calculate your costs and profit margins if you were to fulfill orders through Amazon FBA. Read on to find out how to minimize shipping costs and boost your net profit all while running an Amazon business.

Note: Results based on Amazon’s 2019 pricing for FBA services (not Q4 holiday rates).

Keep reading to learn more about working with a 3PL instead of fulfilling through FBA. If you want to move away from relying on Amazon and focus more on building your brand and selling on your website, ShipBob can help fulfill those orders (as well as Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant orders).

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ShipBob offers FBM and if you utilize Amazon fulfillment today, we highly recommend diversifying your fulfillment options (e.g., use both FBA and FBM) to maximize sales. Learn why sellers have moved off of Amazon to ShipBob for FBM here.

These ecommerce sellers partnered with ShipBob to move business off Amazon and increase their profits.