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It was kind of like magic — my orders were imported into ShipBob from my Shopify Plus store and started getting fulfilled right away. I didn’t have to do anything. Since then, we’ve grown 115% and experienced 2.5 times more order volume. And with ShipBob’s 2-Day Express program, we’ve seen a 24% increase in our average order value for qualifying orders placed on our Shopify Plus store.

Noel Churchill,

Owner and CEO of Rainbow OPTX

IThere is a cost-benefit to having several fulfillment centers, as orders can be shipped from warehouses that are closer to customers and delivered very quickly. With ShipBob, I stay up-to-date with what’s shipped, physical inventory levels, and my company’s performance. They keep getting better, helping brands grow and expand at a ratio that other 3PLs might be a few years behind.

Matt Dryfhout,

Founder and CEO of BAKblade

Our business is almost all subscriptions, and ShipBob helps us offer reliable, affordable shipping that shows up at the same time each month. ShipBob’s analytics tool helps us a lot with planning inventory reorders, seeing when SKUs are going to run out, and we can even set up email notifications so that we’re alerted when a SKU has less than a certain quantity left.

Oded Harth,

CEO and Co-Founder of MDacne